Service Features

Consultation & Architechturing

(Designing Layout & Consultation)

To get customers attention and feasibility workout to reach the most accurate solution, The solutions may be found in either mass-produced standard items or in custom-made products. To achieve the best result, we have technical staff at support having technical knowledge to support in evaluating the site construction in metal & wood. We provide a free consultation & layout design of specified project.

We are constantly engage in evolving the organization sales and research to enhance the practical skills through regularly training & research in new technology and its applications.

Construction on Site (Installation, Dismantle & Relocation)
To construct/renovate/expand the site, all the installation of Units, Materials assembled on Site with ensuring the high quality & fast services through our trained field force without harm or damage to factory / site premises.

Service after Sales (Service Intervention)
We believe in best services wherever for customer care and always ready to serve our clients on prior basis. Our representative shall ensure the optimum functionality & operational safety for your racking system and shelving projects.

Research & Development (Technological)
Our R&D department always seeks to develop constructive approach to enhance the work solutions, bringing innovations in Shelving & Storage Systems. Growing to next level & introducing 3D  modulation in supermarkets, we are passionately researching to make it affordable & feasible. In addition, we keep in touch with our clients for any technological up gradation in their financial needs.