Industrial Racks

Industrial Racking


Pallet Racking – Heavy Duty Racks(Perfect Component to your Storage Planning):
Pallet Racking is the Universal Storage System which is essentially used for primary storage systems. This consists of light duty & heavy duty components of steel & accessories that used extensively in warehouse & manufacturing facilities to maximize the storage space in the premises with ensuring the guarantee of safe handling of pallets with easy & quick installation. With wide range of Pallet Racking Solution, we provide a Safe & Trouble-Free solution to optimize your Storage Capacity according to your needs.

–           Maximize Storage Capacity with saving of Valuable Floor Space & Money
–           Safety – Ensures stability & handling the weight of racks to minimize injuries
–           Durability – High quality steel ensures to use the pallets for long run
–           Accessibility – easily accessible by forklifts

Long span Racks:
The perfect solution for manually storing products of a medium size and weight. The Long span shelving range offers strength, durability, a large resistance and maximum stability to your warehouse.
Installation is quick and simple. The resistance and versatility of the Longspan range allow this system to efficiently meet the storage needs of workshops, archives, industrial stores and general warehousing.

–           Longer length shelving with a heavier weight loading
–           Consists of upright frames, beams and shelves
–           Easily assembled in minutes
–           Powder coated paint finish
–           Extra shelves easily added
–           Increase your storage space by adding extension units
–           Especially suitable for those small in size but large quantity products like retailing industry.

Mezzanine Floor Racking
Mezzanine Floor systems- The most economic way to add more spaces in current building structure. This based on steel structure &  is designed to store for heavy weight items by constructing a multi-tier flooring in the air space within a specific area range.


–           This is a cost effective & Reduce additional Building Construction Cost
–           Provide multi storage options
–           Enhance maximum storage capacity in existing structure
–           Consists of upright frames, beams and shelves

Heavy Duty Industrial Rack
Long span  RackN/A
Multi tearing RacksN/A

Site Construction with state of the art technologies along with deploying the professional approach, Deliver the racks to site and construct the factory premises or wherever with high quality standard material.

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